Import substitution

November 3, 2015 at 15:10

Mr Consul-General Chapman writes from Rio de Janeiro in 1902 (BPP, link, p. 19):

“With the exception of Guinness’s stout, British beers were supplanted some time since in Rio by German light lager and pilsener; but German beers have now in their turn given way to beers made in the country. Even Guinness’s stout, though highly appreciated, is now excluded in consequence of the high duties, and shipments here had to be returned to the United Kingdom.”

Elsewhere, this is clarified by Vice-Consul Rhind (BPP, link, p. 6):

“Ale has long since ceased to be imported here but some quantity of Guinness’s stout was still consumed oweing to its reputed dietetic properties. The duty, however, being now increased from 500 to 1$500 reis (1s. 6d.) per kilo., weight of bottles being included, importation was found to be impracticable, and some shipments, received in ignorance of the new conditions, had to be re-exported to the United Kingdom.”

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